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Business Strategy

SingHaiyi aims to be a premier, well-rounded property company with proven expertise in property development, investment and management in our operational geographies. To this end, our 4-pronged business strategy includes:


Building a portfolio of quality property developments


Executing innovative asset enhancement initiatives (AEI)


Making yield-accretive acquisitions


Proactive property management

Between 2013 to 2015, we have successfully completed five substantially-sized acquisitions as we continue to look at more accretive acquisition opportunities.

We are anchored by a steady line up of completion pipelines for our quality property developments in USA and Singapore up till 2019 which will provide steady revenue streams for the Group. Our latest exciting foray into Singapore’s commercial property development space with the acquisition of Park Mall on 22 December 2015 is set to further strengthen our earnings resilience.

We believe that our USA properties which were purchased at favourable distressed costs will present huge potential upsides. With our first-mover advantage in this unique market, we will leverage our experience and on-ground knowledge to establish our foothold where new entrants may otherwise face high entry barriers. Along with the strengthening US dollar, both the USA housing and retail markets continue to exhibit a healthy growth outlook.

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