Corporate Social Responsibility

Aside from playing our part to give back to society, we also hold our responsibility towards shareholders in high regard. We understand that the equity market is not always a level playing field. In our capacity, we endeavour to balance this by being the key and most dependable source of information for news and updates relating to SingHaiyi.

Current and potential investors in SingHaiyi can access basic information, key developments and the latest updates relating to the Group on our website, as well as historical information, past announcements and annual reports in the dedicated Investor Relations section. As part of our shareholders' communications programme, we work to keep the investor community up to date on corporate developments through regular briefings with analysts.

We believe that a shareholder communication programme is most effective when it is reciprocal, and the provision of viable channels to raise questions and concerns is essential for the investment community. Apart from our annual general meetings, where our Board of Directors and senior management team meet and address shareholders' queries, and take in feedback, we also welcome comments at any other times through our internal and external shareholder contact points:

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